10 Basic SEO technique  and studies to grow your blog traffic

Are ready to optimize your blog SEO friendly? SEO has an essential role in growing any Blog. If you have miss-configured, Then blog goes down, And you will lose your user.-

Otherwise, You need to follow some SEO technique to grow up your blog as well as users.-

  • Identify better SEO technique and their proper employment.
  • Great content writes (always remember content is king).
  • Pu there 100% resources, on those techniques.

What is SEO? 


SEO stands for Search engine optimization. We say SEO is the activity to optimize the blog, web pages or whole websites to make them search engine friendly, to get your web page as results as higher rank and position. In this tutorial, I will provide you some techniques to get web pages as results as well as higher rank with positions.

1. Some essential things always most do when writing a blog post – 

  1. Still use Keywords in the title tag, if possible then always use a keyword to open or close title tag.
  2. Use keyword in the URL, if not the homepage.
  3. Optimize your images in the blog posts. Set proper titles and alt (<alt>)  tags.
  4. If you Blog posts have other headings like (h2, h3), etc. then keyword on them also.
  5. Set keywords density .5 to 2.5%.
  6. Proper keywords research and as well as use appropriate tools.
  7. Site or blogs page loading speed optimize, if possible then use Google AMP.
  8. Keywords must appear in the first paragraph of the blog.
  9. Don’t copy content from other pages.

2. Submit sitemap (XML format) to the search engines – Tell search to crawl and index your web pages. This is possible through sitemaps because sitemap XML file which has included all the link of any specific site or blog.

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3. High Numbers of backlinks – The solution is the getting dofollow backlinks. And one more not from any spamming site, it must be from a quality site or blog, which PageRank is high.

4. Loading speed of site – Loadings speed is also a factor in SEO ranking. If your site or load faster than others then you have a chance to that your content will be first in search results because Google loves fast loading sites.

5. Social media – Be active on social media and optimize your content for social media. Always share your content on social media pages. If someone asks for help, help them and build trusted relationships. Maximum share will provide you better social links. 

6. Find Broken links – Broken links hearts your users. So always must be removed or replace dead or broken links with a suitable one. 

7. Update, Upgrade and republish Old Blog post –

A user still loves read something new as well as search engines also. In many time I have updated my blog then each time I shocked because Google analytics show that page view and user s increased. So recommend you share on Social media, your updated content.

8. Make a post of curated materials – Curate content is a large web page, which contains various links on the same topic. Like Top 100 ways to optimize social optimization and marketing. Always create a curated post on the subject which you choose for blogging.

9. Send weekly newsletters – All o the know email list build is an essential part of email marketing. I recommend all the bloggers, always send a newsletter to your fans and update about your latest blog post.

10. Use a keyword in Url slug – Url is still index and visible SERP. So always try to add a keyword in the slug to fast indexing and better results with high traffic.

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The conclusion – In my opinion, if you are applying and proper SEO and writing a great article without spamming or copping from another blog then your blog will get better traffic as well as SERP (Search engines results page). If I have missed anything or you have any problem then let us know via comments below or email me.

Sharing is sexy, Happy BLOGGING. 

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