What is WordPress and Blog? Detailed Information

We are talking about What is WordPress and Blog?. WordPress is a content management system (CMS). Which is used for managing content on any site or Blog? Many of people doing Blogging for earning some Bucks or passionate Bloggers.

What is WordPress?

According to the Wikipedia, WordPress is an online, open source website management tool written in PHP and MySql.  it’s probably the easiest and most powerful Blogging and website content management system (or CMS)  with huge lots of plugin and themes. Read more at Wikipedia.

There are many Developer in the world they offer premium Theme, Plugin, And service. WordPress was released on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress is released under  GNU General Public License.After 14 years of the successful journey, the WordPress is powering worlds 28% sites (according to WordPress.com). It has two version

WordPress.com and WordPress.org ( formerly know as Self-Hosted ).

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What is Blog?

A Blog is a personal Diary, a collection of thoughts or personal Journal.which is used to express yourself to the world with regular updates.With the help of lots of content, images, Graphs text etc.  For manage any Blog you do not require any Coding skills. Probably you need to have writing and learning skills.

Who Can Blogging?

Any one can do blogging because it does not require any technical or coding skills. You need to learn some  Basic about the how to do this. Who can?

  • A student.
  • A housewife.
  • Any Person.

I have already told that it can be done by Passion or professionally. Many of Pro Bloggers making Thousand of with their Blogging skills. For doing Blogging start learning here and how to make money through a blog. Here is some Beginners Guide:-

  • WordPress Blogging setup guides beginner To Advance guide.
  • Why your blog Not making money.
  • Ultimate Guide to make money through the Blog.
  • Word SEO setup And Sitemap Submit.

Which Platform Should I Use?

There are many types of Blogging platform available for your blog.Before making any decisions, read some terms:

  1. Self Hosted or Hosted by any others. (Checke the review of Cheap WordPress Hosting providers.)
  2. Want to install custom plugins or themes.
  3. Need Custom Development and Designs.

Lots of tools are available for blog management some of them have hosted version with limited features, some of them are premium And some of them are open source (self-Hosted).

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Some Checklist Before Start A Blog:

  1. Are you want to monetize?  If yes, Then How?
  2. How you promote your blog posts?
  3. Better platform for you?
  4. How can you start Blog, market it and monetize it?

The Conclusion – Here I completed What is WordPress and Blog? I hope you loved it. please share and subscribe for future updates.If you have any doubt ask me now in the comment form. If you have missed any suggest me?
Happy Blogging.

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