WordPress.com v/s Wordprtess.org, Which one is better?

Are you looking for a comparison of WordPress.com vs Wordprtess.org (self-hosted)? WordPress was developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, Licensed  Under GNU public in 2003. WordPress is made with the help of PHP and MySql. WordPress is powering more than 28% websites and 90% blogs in then World. Trusted by millions of people & recommended by Millions of pro Bloggers & Bloggers including us.

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Here are the Highlights of WordPress.com vs WordPress.org –

1.CostFree Software,But You need to pay for Hosting.Free
2.Root AccessYesNo
3.Custom Domain NameYesYes
4.Third Party PluginYesNo
5.Third Party ThemeYesNo
6.FTP accessYesNo
7.MaintenanceSelf MaintenanceAutomatic
8.Ecommerce StoreYes, with Third party Plugin.No
9.Membership Websiteyes, with Third Party Plugin.No

Let’s compare both together, WordPress.com vs WordPress.org –


Wordprtess.org – It is the self-hosted open-source version. In this, you have full control over your Blog. You can install custom plugins and themes. Or also customize yourself. For you need to buy hosting then install this on your blog. The self-hosted version is recommended by millions of pro Bloggers & Bloggers, including us.

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Pros / cons:

  • You need to buy web hosting to host.
  • Need to manage and update plugin or themes yourself.
  • Security is your work. WordPress always releases security updates. Follow their instruction and secure your blog or use some security plugin.
  • You can use your own or third-party plugins.
  • You can use custom design or themes.
  • Monetize it with your own ads or any third party networks(Google Adsense).
  • Best for professional bloggers.
  • Use your own custom domain name.


WordPress.com is the hosted version of the WordPress. Which host and run by Automatic, Inc. You will get subdomain example.wordpress.com with limited access. You can add your own domain name with it. It shows ads on your blog means you need to pay for to remove from the blog.

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Pros / cons :

  • You can’t use custom or third-party plugins.
  • For a custom design, you need to pay for it.
  • Ads served by WordPress.com
  • You can use the custom domain name.
  • The blog will be deleted if violating the WordPress terms and conditions.
  • Limited accessibility with limited functions.
  • You can’t serve your own ads or third-party networks (Google Adsense).
  • Perfect, if blogging for fun.

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The conclusion: – In my opinion, if you are blogging just for fun then WordPress.com is perfect. Or if you are Blogging for make money online then Wordprtess.org (self-hosted) is complete. I am using self-hosted on Bluehost server. Here I have discovered WordPress.com vs WordPress.org.

Let us know what you think on this topic comment blew. If you have any doubts, ask me now. If you like then share it. Sharing is sexy. Happy Blogging.

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