Wpforms Review: A Brand new user friendly Form builders plugin for beginner

In this post, we are talking about A Brand new WordPress form builder. WPForms is developed by Syed Balkhi (wpbeginner) and Jared Atchison. WPForms is easy to drag & drop form builder plugin with easy User-interface. With help of WPForms plugin,  you can create various types of forms –

  • Subscriptions forms.
  • Payments forms.
  • Contact forms.
  • User registration form.


Why you use WPForms? 

WPForms is highly recommended and optimized forms builder plugin with easy to user-friendly interface. It also SEO friendly and fully responsive.

Must Read: 

Easy to use user interface with Drag & Drop form builder: This has a simple user interface, with drag and drop form builder. It pre built template, so choose any one which you like or create custom with drag & drop with in 5 minutes.

Mobile ready, SEO friendly & Optimized for better speed: This plugin is fully responsive, speed optimized. The plugin has optimized front end & back end for better speed because speed has best important SEO. I have two versions, one is free which called lite and second one premium.


Why we love, WPForms with the depth of heart? 

Simple to use, easy activation. Just need to Install WPForms plugin and enter your license key.

  1. Pre built templates.
  2. Easy contact form – you can also add radio, buttons, check boxes and multiple choices etc. Then simply drag and drop into your form.
  3. Multiple choices with conditions. 
  4. Form setting – Add option like notifications, where add multiple email addresses to deliver your messages to multiple persons. Add spam protection, confirmation message, and URL redirection. 
  5. Add forms to any page with shortcodes.

Some important advance features – 

  1. Spam protection via honeypot. 
  2. 6 pre built templates. 
  3. File upload. 
  4. Multi parts form. 
  5. Conditional logic. 
  6. Captcha and entry management. 
  7. So on. 

They have add-ons management. So need to add only those which you want to use. It has two types of add-ons Marketing add-ons and payment plus add-ons. 

Marketing add-ons – In this package, you get all add on for email marketing.

  •  Mailchamp.
  • Aweber.
  • GetResponse.
  • Campaign monitor.

Payment plus add-ons: In this package, you will we get all payment related add-ons, payment collection, and payment form add-ons.

  1. Paypal
  2. Stripe
  3. User Registration
  4. Login form
  5. Zaiper integration
  6. User registration add-ons
  7. Signature
  8. So on.

Download WPForms

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The conclusion – If you want to add contact form only, then use Wpforms lite. Another side I will be always recommended you go with the Basic plan.

I think basic is best for the maximum user to unlock the all templates and fields at affordable price else if you have you want to use to Professionally than other pro plus or ultimate

Feel free to ask me, if you have any problem will glad to help. If you like this pos then share with other blogger friends. 

Sharing is sexy, Happy blogging. 

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