3 Different ways to install WordPress plugins Properly – steps by steps guide

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In this article, we talk about WordPress Plugins. First, let me Explain that what is WordPress plugin? WP plugin is a combination of bits of function, which are used to extend the functionality of WORDPRESS Powered websites.

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Note: WordPress plugins can be used only on Self-hosted WordPress sites.

Plugins can be found through many source WordPress plugins (repo official) or through any third-party. Some of them are paid (called premium plugins) and some are free. In official Plugins store, they have approx 47000 plugins.

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Now Let’s come on the topic, How to install WordPress plugins? 

There are 3 Ways to install WordPress plugins –

  1. Upload and install (upload the plugins zip file through WordPress dashboard).
  2. Search and Install Plugin through its repo.
  3. Add Plugins by File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

1. Uploading and install (.zip files)  – 

For this method, we need to download the plugins from there sources like WordPress repo, Marketplace or any third party sites. Step by step guide –

  1. Go to the WordPress plugins section and click on add new. Add Plugins in WordPress
  2. Select your plugin’s zip folder and upload.
  3. After complete upload, click on active. Enjoy your plugin’s functions.

2. Add plugins by Search and install – This method is very useful easiest way.Search the name of the plugin and install it. But it has limitations, that is you only plugin available in WordPress repo will be able to find and install. Any third-party’s plugins do not reflect here. Step by step guides –

  1. In the add new plugin section of WordPress. Add Plugins in WordPress
  2. Search the name of the plugin and install it.
  3. Don’t forget to activate it.

3. FTP Method – With this method first you need any FTP software like Filezilla or Cyberduck. Step by step Guide –

  1. First, we will need to download the WordPress plugin.
  2. Unzip the plugin.
  3.  Connect Filezilla of Cyberduck with your server.
  4. Upload the unzipped version of a plugin to wp-content/plugins folder.
  5. Log in your WordPress dashboard and go to plugin section and activate the plugin.

The conclusion – Search and install is a better way to install WordPress plugin. Let us know which one is your best method. If you have any problems then ask me.

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