How to add Adsense & ads in WordPress AMP pages

Welcome to The blog logic. In this article, we are talking about how to add ads in WordPress AMP pages. In the post we are just worlds biggest two ads network on AMP pages, First one is Adsense and the second one is (Yahoo and Bing contextual ad network). First what AMP is? AMP is open source framework support by intuitive technology company like Google and Twitter. For purposes of Load web pages in mobile fast.How to add ads in WordPress AMP pages

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There are many free plugins are available in free which will be able to add Adsense ads, but not for For you need to buy Premium plugins, but in this will tell how to add custom HTML adAdsensense ads and as well as ads in Free. Here is the list of supported ads network –

  1. A8
  2. A9
  3. AccessTrade
  4. Adblade
  5. AdButler
  6. Adform
  7. Adfox
  8. Ad Generation
  9. Adhese
  11. Adman
  12. AdmanMedia
  13. AdOcean
  14. AdReactor
  15. AdSense
  16. AdsNative
  17. AdSpirit
  18. AdSpeed
  19. AdStir
  20. AdTech
  21. AdThrive
  22. Ad Up Technology
  23. Adverline
  24. Adverticum
  25. AdvertServe
  26. Affiliate-B
  27. AMoAd
  28. AppNexus
  29. Atomx
  30. Bidtellect
  31. brainy
  32. CA A.J.A. Infeed
  33. CA-ProFit-X
  34. Chargeads
  35. Colombia
  37. Criteo
  38. CSA
  39. CxenseDisplay
  40. Dianomi
  41. Directadvert
  42. DistroScale
  43. Dot and Media
  44. Doubleclick
  45. E-Planning
  46. Ezoic
  47. FlexOneELEPHANT
  48. FlexOneHARRIER
  49. fluct
  50. Felmat
  51. Flite
  52. Fusion
  53. GenieeSSP
  54. GMOSSP
  55. GumGum
  56. Holder
  57. Imedia
  58. I-Mobile
  59. iBillboard
  60. Improve Digital
  61. Index Exchange
  62. Industrybrains
  63. InMobi
  64. Innity
  65. Kargo
  66. Kiosked
  67. Kixer
  68. Ligatus
  69. LOKA
  70. MADS
  71. MANTIS
  72. MediaImpact
  74. Mediavine
  75. Meg
  76. MicroAd
  77. Mixpo
  78. myWidget
  79. Nativo
  80. Navegg
  81. Nend
  83. Nokta
  84. Open AdStream (OAS)
  85. OpenX
  86. plista
  87. polymorphicAds
  88. popin
  89. PubMatic
  90. Pubmine
  91. PulsePoint
  92. Purch
  93. Rambler&Co
  94. Relap
  95. Revcontent
  96. Rubicon Project
  97. Sharethrough
  98. Sklik
  99. SlimCut Media
  100. Smart AdServer
  101. smartclip
  102. Sortable
  103. sogou Ad
  104. SOVRN
  105. SpotX
  106. SunMedia
  107. Swoop
  108. Teads
  109. TripleLift
  110. ValueCommerce
  111. VMFive
  112. Webediads
  113. Weborama
  114. Widespace
  115. Xlift
  116. Yahoo
  117. YahooJP
  118. Yandex
  119. Yengo
  120. Yieldbot
  121. Yieldmo
  122. Yieldone
  123. Zedo
  124. Zucks

Supported embed types –

  1. Bringhub
  2. Dable
  3. Engageya
  4. Outbrain
  5. Smi2
  6. Taboola
  7. ZergNet

How to add Google Adsense ads in WordPress AMP pages?

There are two methods to do this. First one is plugin method and the second one is adding source code to the template.

Plugin method – If you are using AMP for WP a WordPress plugin. Then you do need any plugin, but I will be highly recommended you use a plugin called Easy AdSense Ads & Scripts Manager (EAA) with you can ads more frequently and easily not only adsense as well as and custom ads also. First AMP for WP with this you will be able to add Adsense only with limitations, but for other networks need to buy premium add-ons. 

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With the help of AMP for WP – 

  1. Log in to the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Now AMP and then setting.
  3. Now finally click the on advertisement section.
  4. Add your ad client id and ad slot id. 
  5. Hit save and you have done.

With help od Easy Adsense ads & script manager Plugin –

Why I am recommending this? Because first, it is free and open-source. Second, set different ads for the Desktop site, Mobile site and AMP (pages). The third is the supports Adsense as well as, Custom HTML so on. The first line of codes will be adding amp ads javascript file.

Make your ads AMP compatible by changing some line of codes. 

<script async custom-element="amp-ad" src=""></script>

<amp-ad width=300 height=250>





Note Change Hight, Width, Ads Slot ID & data Ad Client ID with yours. 

  1. Login to WordPress dashboard.
  2. Than Appearance and select Customize from the menu.
  3. Easy Adsense ads & Manager.
  4. Select the location and paste the ads code.
  5. Hit save. Your work is done.

How to add ads in WordPress AMP pages?

For this also use a plugin called Easy AdSense Ads & Scripts Manager (EAA). For the demo, you can check my blogs amp pages.

The process will be same, but codes need to change.

<script async custom-element="amp-ad" src=""></script>

<amp-ad width="300" height="250"






Note: Change Hight, Width, CID & CRID with yours.

How to add Custom HTML ads on WordPress? 

For this also use a plugin called Easy AdSense Ads & Scripts Manager (EAA), but the code will be changed. 

<a target="_blank"
  <amp-img src=""
    alt="a4a image"></amp-img>

Note: Change Hight, Width, href & image src with yours.

The Conclusions – Here I have discovered How to add ads in WordPress AMP Pages as well as Adsense. All the above method i have used if your getting any problems or want to add any other ad networks or If you are getting any type of error or need help feel free to ask me. Comment below, I will happy to help you. Follow @thebloglogic on Twitter and Facebook Sharing is sex Happy Blogging.


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