How to Start a New Blog on Blogspot (Blogger) in Free

Blogspot is a blogging platform, which provides one-click Blog creation. Make your own Blog is a great idea for sharing your knowledge, tips or trick with the world. A blog not only allows you to express yourself, share your expertise, and make fans and followers But also & helps you earn a decent income through Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Sponsored post,, etc. with the help of Blog.

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Some Important Points About Blogger (Blogspot) Blogging Platform.

I have already shared What is Blog? Here, I am Discovering everything’s about Blogspot Blogger Blog. Let’s see what I’m covering –

  1. What is Blogger (Blogspot)?
  2. Advantages & Disadvantages of Blogger Blogspot blog.
  3. Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to the Blogger platform.
  4. Create a Blogspot in Free.
  5. Choosing a Blog name?
  6. How to upload custom theme on Blogspot Blog.
  7. Organizing Layout & gadgets of your blog.
  8. Add a custom domain name with Blogspot Blog.
  9. Optimize your Blogspot Blog SEO friendly.
  10. Writing your first Blog post.
  11. Make Money With Google Adsense & with your Blog.

Advantages of Blogspot blogs –

  1. Blogger is totally free.
  2. Owned by Google so you can trust.
  3. You can monetize, it with Google Adsense, (if have a custom domain)  or affiliate programs etc.
  4. It has lots features than other free Blogging platforms.

Disadvantages of Blogspot Blog?

  1. You can create 20 pages only (but you can create unlimited blog posts).
  2. Have not permission to add any plugins.
  3. Only 2GB storage available free for media files, But you extend with Google photo.
  4. Don’t have permission to login root folder.
  5. You can not edit source codes.

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What is a Blogspot Blog (Blogger Blog platform)?

Blogger is a free Blogging platform, which is owned by Google. Blogger is firstly launched in 2003. With this blogging platform, you will get a free subdomain ( or you can add your own domain ( name also with this. I will be recommending you to use own domain name.

Some Frequently Asked Question related to the Blogger platform

Is Blogger blog free?

Blogger is totally free Blogging platform or site by Google.

Can I use Google Adsense with Blogger?

Yes, you have full permission to make money with Google Adsense on blogger. But for this, you need to qualify for this.

Can I use custom themes & domain name?

Yes, You can use your own custom domain name instead of Blogspot subdomain.

What were the limitations of Blogspot blogs?

It has very limitations like sources code edit, root folder access. For more read disadvantage section.

How to create a Blog on Blogger platform?

  1. First, go to
  2. Click on Create your Blog.
  3. Login with your Google user id. If you don’t have any Google account then create one, Select your profile type as Google plus if you wish one account for all services otherwise limited Blogger profiles.
  4. Now choose a Blog Title &
  5. Select a Blog name (Read Naming tips Below).
  6. Select a Theme, which you wish to use.
  7. After that hit one Create Blog.

How to choose the best Domain Name?

I will always recommend you that choose blog names that are related to the blog topic &  niche.They are intended to be search engines & make it SEO friendly use main keywords in your blog name.

Like have Blog which ia my primary keywords for my blogging toppics.

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How to upload Custom themes own Blogspot Blog?

First, all of you need to download any free blogger templates form web or buy new one which you wish to use on your blog. Otherwise, if you have XHTML knowledge then you can develop your own theme. let;s start updating blogger theme –

  1. Login to your Blogger Blog.
  2. Then click on template.
  3. Click on gear button.
  4. Then select the custom theme.
  5. Click on upload now.

Quick Note: Befor uploading any theme take a full backup of your Blog.

Organizing Layouts & Gadgets of your Blogger Blog –

In the Blogger platforms, you can add edit or delete you Gadgets. Blogger have already many gadgets which you can use on your blog.

How to add a Gadgets on Blogger Blog?

  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Click on Layout.
  3. After that click on add new Gadget.
  4. Then select your gadget which you wish to add.
  5. Then hit on Save. You have done.

How to add logo in Blogger Blog?

Logo are identified your brand, so I will always recommend you use your brand Logo. Blogspot blogging platform provides you a option to add your Logo. You can create free Logo uaing canva or FreeLogoMaker.

  1. Log into Blogger.
  2. Then Layout & then Header.
  3. After that edit Logo.
  4. Upload your Logo and Save now.

How to add custom domain name with Blogger Blog?

Before adding a custom domain name, You have a domain name or idea & bought it for registrar. I will be always suggest yiu to buy domain name fron Godaddy or Namecheap. If you have never purchased a domain name before, here are guides which will help you to select the right name for your blog.

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  2. How to buy a Domain name with Godaddy or Namecheap?
  3. Step by step guide to add Custom domain name with Blogger Blogging platform.

How to Optimizing your Blogspot Blog SEO friendly?

In this section we are optimizing your Blogger Blog to SEO friendly. For this Goto Blogger > Settings > Search preference. Then click on Discription & add attractive summary that attract your reader. It will be visible in search engines. Some other things to optimize your blog. Always add Meta description & Meta tag SEO friendly. 

How to write your first Blog post?

Writing a blog is art. Before start writing any blog select a topic and keyword research. After that create catchy blog titles. Than start writing your blog, i will always suggest you that write articles never less than 500 words and a catchy image.

  1. Login to Blogger.
  2. Than posts & create new.
  3. Write title & posts, select labels & tags.
  4. After that hit on Publish.

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How to make money with adsense &

To make money with adsense you need to qualify there programs. After that you can add adsense code on your blog and make money with this. Before applying for adsense you must have at least 25 articles & must import pages like Content us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer etc have on your Blog.

For approval, Make sure that your content in English & some traffic from US, UK countries.

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The Conclusion – I have started my blogging career with Blogger & my first blog was on blogspot Platform. I hope this detailed guide on creating a free blog on Blogger’s Blogspot Blogging platform helps you not only to create a blog but also helps you start making money from AdSense &

If you find this guide helpful, please share it with others so they can start their own free blogs on blogspot. If you are getting any type of error or need help feel free to ask me. Comment below, I will happy to help you. Follow @thebloglogic on  Twitter & Facebook Sharing is sex Happy Blogging.

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