How to setup Google AMP on WordPress properly

Goole’s AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile page. The Proper way to set up Google AMP on WordPress. Accelerated Mobile page is an open source framework for optimized WordPress speed in mobile. Speed also has a most important role in SEO. Are you excited to know about AMP & WordPress integration? Then you are on right place.Google AMPA on WordPressMust Read:


What is AMP? 

AMP is open source framework support by intuitive technology company like Google and Twitter. For purposes of Load web pages in mobile fast.

AMP preview
AMP preview of

It is very similar to the Facebook instant article.AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile page. AMP is a combination of minimum HTML and Javascript. They are hosted on Google Amp cache. Many of the companies including Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and others are currently supporting AMP.

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Now comes on topic, How to set-up Google AMP for WordPress Blogs or Website.

There are two plugins, which can do this for you. First one is AMP by Automatic inc and the Second one is AMP for WP- Accelerated Mobile Pages.I recommend you the second one.Add Plugins in WordPress

  1. Just log into WordPress Admin area.
  2. Then select Add New in the Plugins section.
  3. Search for AMP and AMP for WP (How to install a Plugin on WordPress).
  4. Just click on install and activate it (both one by one).

After installing AMP, Are you getting 404 error?

No problem, Just Goto hit permalinks from Setting area. And click on save now without changing anything. You have done.

Why use AMP for WP?

AMP for WP is a premium plugin which will help you to AMPify your WordPress Websites. It has many features out of the box which is not available in AMP by Automatic plugin. Some of them-

  1. Add comments form.
  2. Woocommerce support.
  3. Adsense ads support.
  4. Easily add opt-in form.
  5. Contact form 7 integration.
  6. Custom field and Custom pages template integration.
  7. Google DFP for AMP.
  8. Star rating.
  9. So on.

Benefits and Losses of Google Accelerated Mobile pages –

However, SEO experts are saying that it will boost your ranking on search results. But have very limitation for like can’t use javascript, CSS has also the limitation. Some challenges for AMP as a blogger, I have Faced –

  1. Limited function for smart opt-in form.
  2. The discussion made very tough, can’t comments form.
  3. Limited HTML, JavaScripts, and CSS.
  4. Only support Google analytics, not other platforms.

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The conclusion – Here I have discovered Google AMP for WordPress. AMP will help you to get Better SEO as well as speed? If you are getting any type of error or need help feel free to ask me. Comment below, I will happy to help you. Follow @thebloglogic on Twitter and Facebook Sharing is sex Happy Blogging.

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