An introduction of Google AMP in WordPress. It’s importance for Websites or Blogs?

Introduction of Google AMPAccelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a global, industry-wide initiative, with publishers large and small all focused on the same goal. A better, faster mobile web. According to an experiment & research ezoic, 62% of web traffic is coming from mobile or tablet devices.  AMP was just for User Experience. Now, Google has backed it up – and is encouraging websites to follow suit. Much like how they heralded Let’s start Topic AMp & AMP in WordPress setup – an introduction google amp in wordpress

  1. The introduction of AMP. Why we use AMP? 
  2. How to setup AMP in WordPress
  3. How to add Google Adsense & ads In WordPress AMP pages.

In this, I am going to cover some point of AMP as well as full reviews. And one more thing what the other is saying about this? Let’s start –

  1. A mobile web trend called AMP. 
  2. How AMP work?
  3. What is the benefits AMP in SEO?
  4. Some user who already using AMP.
  5. How to integrate it?

A mobile trend called AMP by Google & setup AMP in WordPress

According to ezoic, the 62% of digital media spend the time to load on mobile through the web. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile pages. This technology uses proxy CDN to deliver the content on the mobile web. Basically, it detects AMP tag on your website. if they have a valid structure of AMP than they index and serve through Google’s own worldwide proxy for faster loading on mobile devices. AMP in WordPress setup guide.

How AMP work?

AMP is made of sub-sets of the elements to minify any website for fast loading. AMP has had limited use of javascript files. Basically, AMP is made of three elements –

  1. AMP HTML – A subset of HTML, supported their custom tags and properties like amp-img, amp-video.
  2. Javascript (AMP Javascript) – A lightweight Javascript framework for mobile, which designed to load fast mobile devices by loading asynchronously all external resources.
  3. AMP CDN – A proxy CDN, which is supported to deliver all valid pages by Google Cache CDN.

In the simple word, we can say a lightweight version of any Website or Blogs. You can access this by adding AMP at the end of URL.

Example –

Note – above examples are based on WordPress and Pretty SEO friendly URL. If you are using other cms or URL structure, then it can be deferent. 

How AMP important for SEO?

Nowadays on Google search. they provided a special position for AMP optimized pages on their search results. If your websites have valid AMP structure than they have the chance to get fast indexing.The main benefits of AMP are Google showing at the top of SERP than non-AMP blogs. if your query matches with SERP.

Some websites, Who already using AMP in their website or Blog – 

  1. Reddit
  2. Google Plus
  3. Twitter 
  4. Eabay (us)
  5. Shoutmeloud
  6. Wpbeginner
  8. So on.

How to integrate or Setup AMP in WordPress? 

If you are using WordPress, then Reading How to setup AMP on WordPress properly otherwise read the documentation of AMP. WordPress has many plugins, which will be all setup AMP in WordPress within some click. If you want to know more about AMP, Moz’ recent Whiteboard Friday does a done a sweet job & experiment it.

The conclusion – Here, I have discovered an introduction about AMP in WordPress. AMP has many benefits in SEO.Because speed loading websites get better rank on google. We are also using. If you are getting any type of error or need help feel free to ask me. Comment below, I will happy to help you. Follow @thebloglogic on Twitter and Facebook Sharing is sex Happy Blogging.

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