W3 Total cache settings + Cloudflare integration

we are talking about W3 Total cache, a WordPress plugin which is highly recommended by millions of users as well as professionals. W3 Total cache is free and very useful. Speed is an important factor for user experiences and as well as SEO optimization.

What is W3 Total Cache?

W3 Total Cache is a WordPress plugin, which is used for cache the web pages, minify JS, CSS and HTML, cache database and CDN integration. Trusted by many popular sites including Mashable, AT&T, Wpbeginner Smashing Magzine, Shoutmeloud and millions of others.


How to install W3 Total Cache? 

Before installing Delete other caching plugins like WP super cache and Most important take a bake up of your database. 

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Now comes the topic, Go to your WordPress admin area and click on plugins. Then select the add new option. Search for W3 Total Cache.

Click on install now and activate it.

Configuration of W3 Total Cache

After successful installation, click on performance option on your left panel. It’s setting is very complicated than other caching plugins but don’t get confused, I will explain you with the screenshot of my blog and it’s W3 Total cache settings. W3TC has following menu-

  1. Dashboard
  2. General settings
  3. Page cache
  4. Database cache
  5. Minify
  6. Object cache
  7.  Browser cache
  8. CDN
  9. Extensions

1. Dashboard – Dashboard have some basic options like support, Marketing offers, Premium support, page speed, and server etc. We don’t need to anything edit or apply any setting on dashboard section.

2. General settings – General settings have some basic option related to caching. In this, you need to enable all the sections which want to the cache. In the general section, you can enable page cache, database cache, browser cache and object cache. Tick on enable and save the setting. 

3. Page cache – In the page cache section, you need to define which page you want to cache. All the recommended settings are enabled by default. But I recommend you –

  • Just tick the checkbox for enabling front page cache.
  • Enable feeds, categories, tags and comments cache.
  • Enable 404-page cache.
  • Do not cache for logged in users.

4. Database cache – In the database cache section, you need to define that area you want to cache the database. My answers are yes. To enable this.

5. Minify – We can say that the Minify section is the heart of W3TC. This you need to enable which part site you want to Minify. This can break your site so proceed with caution. I recommend you Use AUTO model and enable. As per your requirement, you can also use Manual model. 

6. Object cache – Object caches are reducing cached the WordPress core’s database requests or complex API request, which does not require on each page.

7. Browser cache – In this caching section, you do following things –

  • Set header expiration settings and encourage the browser caching of files. I recommend you enable this. 
  • Set cache control header (Enable this). 
  • Do not set cookies for static files (also tick this to enable). 
  • Enable some other things like ETag, W3TC cache header and gzip compression.

8. CDN – CDN stands for content delivery networks, they are set of data centers over proxy for the largest distribution system. They serve you static files like JS, CSS etc via the nearest data center of your visitor.

9. Extension – They offer lots of extensions. But I recommend you use CloudFlare, Yoast SEO and if you are using Feedburner, Genesis etc then you can try this also.

How to integrate CloudFlare? 

You need to activate the W3TC and in extension, section installs the CloudFlare. Then provide the API key and enable this and wrapping up!

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Note: If you are using the shared host, then use Disk enhanced method for the cache. 

You can try MaxCDN (recommend by the W3 Total Cache) alternative of CloudFlare.

The conclusion – Here I have Completed my tutorial. Let me Know if I have missed any anything or suggestions.If you have any problem feel free to ask me.Sharing is sexy, Happy Blogging.

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