WordPress SEO tutorial for newbie Bloggers

Hi Guys, in this post, we are talking about WordPress SEO tutorial for beginners. All of us know what is SEO? One of the most things for getting lots of lot visitors. If you setup your blog wrongly then Google will de-index your blog and your blog can’t able to find on in search results. In this, I am not talking about Full SEO setup, But just important most actionable setup to optimize your blog Search engines friendly. Let’s start our WordPress SEO tutorial step by step.


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WordPress SEO settings For every Blog or Website

After the installation of WordPress, bloggers need to do some setting to optimize your you accordingly to search engines. Search ranking depends on many factors like Backlinks, Anchor text, URL structure, interlinking etc, I will discuss these things later now come on topic. We need to do some steps –

  • Pretty URL structure setup on WordPress for better SERP and optimization.
  • Blog name, Proper meta keywords and meta description setup.
  • Some most important Important Essential settings for every Blog. 

Search engines always love pretty URLs, not dynamic URLs like www.example.com/post-titles/ are very different from www.example.com/post.php?123f. Both of them have different view point for search engines. Millions of bloggers, including me never suggest you use dynamic URL your blog. How to do SEO friendly URL, I have written a blog post, especially for URL structures.

How to setup pretty URL on WordPress? pretty url wordpress

  1. Just log in to your WordPress dashboard and click on settings.
  2. After that click in permalinks.
  3. Then select the post titles as the slug and save it.
  4. You have done.

How to setup Blog name, Meta Description and meta keywords for the homepage on WordPress?

Before starting, this why we use meta keywords, Meta Description, and titles. It uses for the better understanding of search engines as well as the user. Check above screenshot, we have clearly defined this. Now how to do their settings – titles keywords meta tags

  1. Just logging in to WordPress dashboard.
  2. Then click on SEO and then titles and meta.
  3. Add your blog name, Meta description, and Meta Keywords.
  4. Just hit on save. You have done.

Note: For this tutorial, I have used WordPress SEO by Yoast, a plugin for better WordPress Search engines optimization.

Now, it’s Essential settings for every blog. Make sure that you have disabled your blog privacy for search engines visibility.

  1. Go to settings than Reading.
  2. Make sure that you have unchecked at discourage settings.
  3. Then just click on save. Congratulations you have done.

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The Conclusion – Here I have shared a detailed review on Make WordPress SEO Tutorial for the newbie bloggers. All above steps have an important role in Search engines optimization. I have mentioned important points to optimization any WP websites or blog with the higher rank on SERP page. Let us know, what is doubts? Have each step properly and need help. Just comment below.

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